The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.

Annual employee surveys are at the core of every HR department, yet only offer information on a one-time basis. Yearly, or even bi-yearly, surveys allow too much time to pass to ensure the precision of the data received, as workplace atmosphere and employee attitudes are in constant flux and significant changes can happen in short periods of time.

While the world and working environments constantly evolve, it is imperative to collect feedback continuously to ensure that your employees feel satisfied and engaged in their work, every day.

HappyOrNot's tools provide you an inexpensive way of improving your internal performance, customer satisfaction, and profitability. You can quickly pinpoint fluctuations in the workplace atmosphere, which acts as a signal to your imminent productivity and customer service performance, and implement corrective actions immediately.

The HappyOrNot service will allow you to:

  • Manage staff, roles, and budgets
  • Lead by example, show your employees that you care
  • Get instant feedback on the work environment
  • Pinpoint changes in your service levels
  • Build trust with staff through transparency in results
  • Develop a motivated, high performance team
  • Build employee satisfaction and improve employee retention